Gold Crown Roofing is a Residential, Industrial and Commercial Roofing Contractor from Ligonier, IN located in northwestern Noble County. We primarily serve the areas within a 2 hour radius of our shop which includes Northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

In 2016 we founded our company on the principle that our customers always get the best deal and with the idea of educating homeowners, building owners and maintenance professionals on how they can extend the life of their existing roof and how we can save them money by lowering the life cycle cost their roof.

You can inspect and repair your roof on your own.

Make your roof maintenance fun and play your favorite tunes! Grab your stereo and place it on the ground or on a table while you perform your roof maintenance. Have fun but remember to stay focused on your safety!

We do recognize that not all homeowners have extensive experience making repairs around the house. If you’re concerned that you’ll only make a mess of things if you try to repair your roof, we’re always ready to provide the professional quality your home needs.

Our residential division consists mostly of installing exposed and concealed fastener (also known as standing seam) metal roofing and gutters. We also do install a few shingle roofs every year.

Our commercial and industrial division specializes in installing Conklin Roofing Systems. The focus of these systems is restoration of existing roofing systems rather than removal.

We have a Metal Restoration (MR) System for all types of metal roofs, a membrane restoration system for EPDM, PVC & TPO membranes, a Fabric Reinforced System which is a coatings system which can be applied over membranes or other approved substrates, PVC and TPO single ply membrane systems and Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Systems.

Our systems focus on reduced labor and waste removal by restoring your current roof versus having to completely replace it. This saves time, labor and it lowers your impact on the environment by reducing waste in landfills.

All of our commercial and industrial roofing systems are available in an energy efficient bright white finish that reduces energy costs by reflecting the heat of the sun and thereby reducing heat transfer into the building.

We take pride in our ability to tailor our services to meet your exact needs and budget. We can do anything from simple or extensive repairs to completely customized systems, including modifications to enhance drainage.

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We believe that your project and time is important so inspection is not only necessary to allow for proper preparation but also to adhere to a safe and timely completion!

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